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FAQ - Preparing Files

What size/resolution do my images have to be to make a good poster?

For any print size, we strongly suggest that your uploaded images be at least 150 PPI/DPI at 100% size (click here to see how to easily determine how many pixels are in your image). When your image is less than the suggested minimum, it may appear pixelated or blurry when printed. When ordering through our site and you use our Standard Posters, our system will issue a warning if the resolution is less than the minimum.


Will my image be printed to the very edge of the poster (we call that "full bleed")?

Yes - when using our Standard Posters you can choose to have bleed (no margin) or different sized margins. When using our "Print Ready" products, we can print full bleed but you must set your file up correctly.


Can I submit a PDF?

When using our Standard Posters, you can only submit a bitmap image (JPG or TIF). To submit a PDF file, you have to use our "Print Ready" products that require some knowledge of scaling. If using "Print Ready", please carefully read the Scaling option descriptions. If you ever have questions, please email or call us! You can find the "Print Ready" products here.


Can I submit a multiple page PDF?

Please see above about submitting PDF files. Submitting multi-page PDF files will only print the first page! Our system cannot break out individual pages!


Should I include crop marks in my file?

When using our Standard Posters, please do not include non printing marks in your file. If you submit a file that has crop marks, the crops marks will be printed, unless you crop them out during the order process. If you submit a file with a border, your poster will include that border in your file. If you are using our "Print Ready" products, you can submit a file with crop marks, but you MUST select the correct Scaling option. Please read and understant the detailed information on product pages concerning the Scaling options before submitting your order.


What resolution do I need my image files to be?

We suggest that your files be at a minimum of 150 DPI at 100% size. When using our Standard Posters, the system will alert you if the minimum resolution is not met. When using "Print Ready" products, you must verify correct resolution of your image before uploading.


What file formats does ShortRunPosters.com accept?

We accept image files only in the following formats: .tif, .pdf and .jpg. We also accept .zip, .sit, and .tar archive formats.


Which color model to use: CMYK or RGB?

For color critical jobs, it is vital to convert your image to CMYK and review the changed file prior to submitting your order. Our equipment uses the CMYK color model and all images that are not CMYK will be converted during the prepress phase. There are many colors and nuances that cannot be represented in the CMYK model as they can in RGB. Seeing these possible changes in your image will allow you to edit as necessary.


Do I need to rotate my image to a vertical orientation?

When using our Standard Posters, you may be prompted to rotate the image to fit in the crop window. If you are using the "Print Ready" products, there is no need to rotate images beforehand, as our system will rotate if necessary to achieve the maximum possible print area.