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FAQ - Charges and Payment

I see a charge from "Cumberland" on my card, is this ShortRunPosters.com?

Our parent company is Cumberland Graphics, Inc and we are only "doing business as" ShortRunPosters.com. Charges from us made to your card will show up as "Cumberland" or sometimes "Cumber".

You guys charged my credit card 5 times, what gives?!

More than likely, there is either a problem with your credit card or a temporary issue with the site. 99% of people who have problems trying to process an order, find that it was the billing information they input into the site did not match their credit card information. The "charges" that you see are usually "authorizations" that will be reversed within a few minutes to a few days - this is your bank's own policy, not ours. If you did not receive a confirmation page or confirmation email, your order most likely did not go through.

My organization is Tax Exempt in Tennessee - how do we avoid paying taxes?


Before placing your order, please sign-up for an account. Once your account is created, please give us a call at 877-856-0115 and let us know you are Tax Exempt. You will need to fax the appropriate form to us at 615-329-4811 so that we can have it on file. Once these steps are complete, we can change your account to Tax Exempt. You will be required to login and use the account that was setup to avoid the sales tax for future orders.