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FAQ - Poster Options

What exactly is lamination?

For posters 18 x 27 and smaller, we can add a 1.7 MIL clear glossy lamination to both sides.  This adds a bit more rigidity to the poster as well as giving it the high gloss look and feel.  While adding protection from fingerprints, etc., the lamination is not waterproof around the extreme edges.  Our posters 20 x 30 and larger are printed on a different press and CAN NOT be laminated in our facility (we use a heat based lamination process and the 20 x 30 and 24 x 36 posters require a cold/pressure based process).  Read more here.


Calendar Slides - What is it?

Our newest offering for finishing of posters - Calendar Slides are metal bars that are adhered to the poster.  The top slide has a plastic tab so you can hang your poster, as the bottom gives the poster some weight to hang by.  Calendar Slides are great for promotional pieces for sports teams, creating unique calendars and much more!  Get them instead of simply thumbtacking your poster to the wall.  Details here.

Can I Dry Mount posters printed from Shortrunposters.com?

No, unfortunately dry mounting posters printed from Shortrunposters.com does not yield favorable results.  We use a toner based process on our commercial press, similar to a color laserjet printer in an office.  This uses a heat process to adhere the toner to the paper.  When heat is applied after the poster has been printed, the toner will, in a sense, remelt and run - making a mess.  The best way to mount these posters is by using a pressure sensitive adhesive such as 3M's Spray Mount or Super 77. You can also use sheet adhesive or double sided tape.