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FAQ - Submitting Files

How can I upload more than one image at a time?

You can upload as many individual files as need, however, you may want to upload 20 or more images in one shot.  To do this, you'll need to create an archive of your files.  This is basically a digital "suitcase" that holds many files and acts as 1 file.  Once we get the archive, we can then open it and retrieve your files from within.  Be sure to include some instructions if you intend to have different quantities for different files.  Please see our tutorial on Creating an Archive for more information.


Can I have someone else upload the files?

Yes, you'll need to  place your order normally online, but instead of selecting a file to upload, select the option to "Use Alternate Upload or Mail Files" option.  This will allow the order to be processed without requiring a file.  Once you have received your order confirmation, provide the order number to the individual that will be uploading the file and send them to: http://upload.shortrunposters.com

What if I decide to MAIL my files?

If you choose to Mail your files to us instead of uploading, you must select the option to use the "Alternate Upload" or to mail files to us.  Once your order is completed, please send a copy of your order confirmation and a CD or DVD to:

120 20th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203

What if I upload the wrong files?

If for some reason you have uploaded the incorrect files, please go to our contact page and immediately send an email with the specified subject - or give us a call at 615-320-1195.

Do I need to upload files if I place an identical order later on?

Not necessarily.  We keep order files for up to 1 year.  After that, you will need to reupload the files.

What file types do you accept?

For our standard digital posters, we only accept .JPG and .TIF files. For our Print Ready products, we accept .JPG, .TIF, .PDF, .SIT and .ZIP.