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18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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A thorough review of shortrunposters.com would show about 4+ years of printing high quality posters at unbelievable prices and very satisfied customers. A review would reveal that for several years, shortrunposterss.com has been selling the nation’s most affordable custom 18x24 posters when ordering smaller quantities. The average price for an 18x24 is about $17 in the US. Typically, to get substantially cheaper prices than that, one has to order in bulk – normally more than 50 or 100 posters. Shortrunposters however has offered these rock bottom prices (less than $3 per poster for the 18x24) with absolutely no minimum order required. That’s right, you can order just a single poster and pay less than $3 for it plus shipping and handling. Recently, we added a larger size poster to our lineup – the 24 x 36 custom poster. The 24 x 36 too has an amazing price ($15.97) and excellent quality. So now you can go medium format (18x24) and large format (24x36) and never break the bank. You can find dozens and dozens of examples of positive feedback on the web throughout various discussion boards online referring to our amazing prices and phenomenal product. Many have asked how we are able to deliver such quality posters at these prices – the answer is a unique combination of high quality printing sold at razor thin margins in high volumes over all. A review would also reveal that we are dedicated to extreme customer service and customer satisfaction. Believe it or not, we actually answer our phone and are happy to walk you through anything on the website or answer common questions. Our products and services are unmatched in the marketplace today and we are determined to stay ahead of the pack, indeed.


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