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When one wants to print posters of high quality affordably, you have to do your research, indeed. Poster printing can be a costly endeavor if you are not careful. Typically, longer runs are produced on large offset presses that churn out the same poster by the hundred or thousand – however; this is an expensive proposition due to the fact that it requires plates to be produced. Fairly recently, digital presses were introduced that removed much of the time and cost involved in poster printing. Digital presses now make it possible to print posters for a fraction of the cost of traditional offset – in fact, our company, shortrunposters.com, has been selling custom 18x24 posters for less than $3 each for over 4 years. This is remarkable when you consider the fact that Kinkos sells the same poster for a whopping $24. In early 2011, we also added our new size poster – the 24x36 custom poster - to our product line. Both the 18x24 and the larger 24x36 are printed on high quality paper (80# paper) and at up to 600 dpi resolution. Printing a few posters from your own files has never been easier – you simply upload your image(s) to the shortrunposters.com, select quantity and a few other options (lamination, mounting, etc.) and let us do the rest! You will be impressed with the quality of the printing, the level of customer service and of course the price. We also offer a simple flat shipping and handling of just $10 no matter what the quantity ordered. Often, the total cost of posters ordered from shortrunposters.com is barely more than the cost of the sales tax charged by other local suppliers. So now there is no reason not to posterize the family photos, or that little league action shot, or even that photo of the cuddly family dog – because printing big costs “little” at shortrunposters.com.


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