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When you think of the word “cheap”, you don’t often associate that with posters. Well, that is no longer the case thanks to a new paradigm called “on-demand printing”. Essentially, what this means is that due to new software and hardware, it is possible to have nearly any file printed on any material in any quantity – relatively affordably. This has drastically changed the poster printing industry in the last decade or so. It used to be that if you needed posters, it meant paying an arm and a leg per unit if you only ordered a few – or also paying a ton to have a large volume printed but pay less per unit. If you needed cheap posters printing, it meant you were out of luck, typically. However, the advent of digital printing technology has allowed even the casual consumer to create and order even a single color poster – cheap! This technology has removed the most costly and time-consuming parts of traditional offset printing – the lengthy setup and plate making. Now, we all can customize our posters and have them printed in nearly any quantity for a fraction of the cost of traditional offset printing. What do you need to make into a poster – the family vacation photos? A sale sign for the window? An image of the cuddly family dog? You can print all those and more without spending a fortune if you find the right printing partner. You can custom design your own artwork, or hire a professional to help you lay it out. Ironically, now you can easily spend more on the design part than the actual printing, so choose your designer very carefully. You will want to choose your paperweight and other finishing options carefully as well. The most common options include adding either lamination and/or mounting to the posters.


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