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If your aim is to have posters printed cheap, you have come to the right place. The vast majority of local poster printers are very pricey for any poster printing that is larger than about 12” x 18” due to the cost of large format printing presses. If you do your research, you can find printers that are utilizing the latest digital printing equipment and can print even shorter runs for much less than traditional offset printing. The key to getting posters printed cheap these days is to find a local supplier that has a digital press and small (or no) minimum orders. That way, whether you need 100 quality posters for resale or just a few temporary posters printed for a going away party, you can have all your needs met – at a discount. When you think of cheap posters, you often think of large format color copies of laser prints – on very thin paper also. The arrival of digital printing (a process that allows you to avoid the costly and time consuming plate making associated with offset printing), has dropped the average cost of large format printing down dramatically. Digital printing can be “cheap” from a pricing standpoint, however, if your image is of good resolution, the quality does not look “cheap” at all. In fact, hundreds of photographers and artists sell their prints affordably “on demand” due to the efficiency and affordability of the digital printing process. Amazingly, a poster printed digitally on quality paper can compare favorably to a traditional photo print on photo paper in many cases. The main concern is the resolution of the image that is being enlarged. If you are printing a file that has at least a resolution of 150 dpi (at full size), you will be amazed at the end result.


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