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It’s one thing to have a poster printed – it’s another to have a poster printed cheap. While the prices are largely dependent on the size and quantity required for the posters, as a rule, if you are ordering less than 100 at a time or larger than 12” x 18”, it can get expensive. Traditional offset printing has been the go to technology choice for larger runs, however, offset printing requires costly plate making and setup time. As to the larger sizes, the vast majority of local printers can accommodate prints up to 11”x 17” or even 12” x 18”, however beyond that requires much more costly equipment. Regarding poster printing – cheap is possible, but only if you are a savvy shopper. There are really primarily two ways to find poster printing cheap – locate a digital printing press that can offer short runs – or print a ton of posters via a long run offset press. Typically, the quality of the offset press is a bit better, but digital printing has come a long way in the last decade for sure. Most large digital presses can print high-resolution prints on demand. The benefit for the consumer is two-fold; first, you get a quality poster that rivals any “photo quality” prints on the market – second, and you don’t spend a king’s ransom in the process. So what are the steps involved? It’s real simple: create your artwork, and then upload your image and select features and quantities. If your prints are not produced locally, there will be added time and cost for delivery, but typically, this is worth it in the end. Carefully choose your paperweight as well as finish. Many consumers opt for lamination and even foam core mounting for a more professional display. Ironically, adding these additional features can be the most costly part of the poster printing process. Of course, the end application and use of the poster should guide you on the quality of the prints themselves – in other words, if the poster is going into a museum, then select inkjet printing on heavy paper. If the poster is for a garage sale, then obviously you can select thinner paper and possibly laser prints.


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