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Drop Shipping Service

Are you looking to drop ship a poster to more than 20 different addresses, but don't want to manually put in these orders one at a time? Then this service is for you!
Download the Excel and CSV template for address information here.

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Drop Shipping Service is available for purchase in increments of 20

Allowed file extensions to upload: .csv, .xls, .zip, .sit, .sitx

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Drop shipping with is a great, hassle free way to connect with your audience and customers.  Our clients use us for things like campaigns, direct marketing, product fulfillment, band merchandise drop shipping and many others.  It's the most affordable way to send full color posters to a large amount of people.  Here are a few things about our service:

  • Under "Qty", please put type in the total number of shipments that you would like us to ship.
  • Pricing is for fulfilment and shipping for each package - you'll need to add the posters to this order as well.
  • You will need to add the correct number of posters within the same order.
  • We have a minimum of 15 shipments.  If you have less than this, you'll have to put each order in manually.
  • This service is for our 18 x 24 posters only.  Please contact us if you would like to drop ship a different size.
  • We can include other flat, paper items into your shipments that you supply. See our Contact page for our mailing address. Please include a copy of your receipt.
  • Each poster is shipped rolled in a 0.080" cardboard tube with plastic end caps stapled.
  • Please use the provided Excel or CSV template to furnish your data to us.

The spreadsheet template has the following columns for data:

  • OrderNumber - A unique, serialized number for each record; ie: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • ShipToName - Full name (first and last) of addressee
  • ShipToAddressLine1 - Main line of address of addressee
  • ShipToAddressLine2 - Secondary line of address of addressee; ie: Apt 1, or Suite 123
  • ShipToCity - City of addressee
  • ShipToState - State of addressee
  • ShipToPostalCode - Zip Code of addressee

You can download the spreadsheet template here.

If you do not have Microsoft Office or Excel, you can edit the template with an open source office suite called Open Office.  Download it here.


Hold tight! Templates section is coming soon...

File Requirements


  • To print properly, all files need to have a minimum of 150 PPI (pixels per inch) resolution at 100% size.
  • Files uploaded with a lower resolution will likely be pixelated or blurred.
  • There's no real effective way to drastically increase the resolution of an image through software without making the image look poor.

File Size & Bleed

  • If possible, it's wise to build your file the size that you want it printed.
  • For standard posters (using the crop tool) we generate bleed dynamically, so there's no need to provide it.
  • If you are using "Print Ready" products and require bleed, you'll need to include that in your file.
  • Typically you'll want to provide 1/8" bleed on all sides, with no crop marks or non printing marks on your file.

File Type

  • For all standard posters, we accept only JPG or TIFF files
  • For "Print Ready" posters, we can accept JPG, TIFF, PDF and archived files like ZIP or SIT.
    * Please note: If you send a multi-page PDF, only the first page will be printed.

Color Space

  • We will convert all files to CMYK before printing.
  • If you have color critical art, convert to CMYK so that you can witness andy possible color shift by doing so.
  • Modern browsers typically do not render CMYK images correctly, so if you see incorrect colors on the preview this does not affect the print file.

Scaling Option - Available on "Print Ready" Products only.

This only pertains to the "Print Ready Files" products. These products are for professionals only. If the terms used below are not familiar to you, you are likely in the wrong place. Please select a size from the Standard Posters category.

  • No Scaling Option

    Choose this option if you want to submit a full bleed image or avoid automatic scaling on smaller images. now offers sizes from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36. now offers sizes from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36.

    Selecting this option will ensure that no scaling will happen on your image - it will print the image at 100% size. For instance, if you choose an 18 x 24 size poster, and you upload an image that is 10" x 10", the final print will be sized 18 x 24 with your 10" x 10" image centered on the page.

    Alternatively, this also means that if you select an 18 x 24 size poster and upload an 18 x 24 size file with 1/8" bleed (the full size of the file would be 18.25" x 24.25"), then you are effectively getting a full bleed poster.

    With this option, you can also submit an image, of the correct size, with full bleed and crop marks and the crop marks will be out of the print area. Again, this is only possible if you submit a correctly formatted and sized image on the appropriate sized poster.

  • Stretch to Fit - No Margin Option

    Choose this option if you want your image to be scaled/stretched to fit the full print area. now offers sizes from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36.

    Selecting this option will scale the image, regardless of the size, to fill the entire print area.

    For instance, if you have chosen the 8" x 10" size and have uploaded a 6" x 6" file - your image will be stretched to fill the entire print area. By stretched, we mean distorted and probably not what you want.

    Obviously, you want to supply an image that is near the size that you have chosen, so that minimal stretching occurs.

  • Scale Proportionately to Fit - 1/2" Margin Option

    Choose this option if you want your image to be scaled proportionately, but want a 1/2" margin of white. now offers sizes from 8 x 10 up to 24 x 36.

    Selecting this option will scale the image proportionately to fit the max print area. The print area is 1/2" less on all sides than the size you have selected.

    As an example, if you have chosen the 8 x 10 size, the image area is 7" x 9" (1/2" on all sides)

    All images are scaled proportionately. So, if you have chosen the 8 x 10 size and uploaded a 6" x 6" file, your image will be scaled to 7" x 7" and centered on the page.