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18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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Shortrunposters.com truly offers the cheapest poster printing in the USA for shorter runs. For more than 4 years now, we have been selling medium format poster printing for a fraction of the competition. Our 18x24 retails for less than $3 each and is printed on good 80# coated cover paper stock. This is possible due to a combination of cutting edge digital printing technology with extremely efficient processes. In early 2011, we introduced the larger 24x36 poster to our repertoire. This too is printed on heavy paper stock (80# uncoated cover) and comes with a slight semi-gloss finish. At less than $16 a piece, the 24x36 is one of the cheapest in the nation for short runs. Now, it is possible to combine medium format and large format poster orders together to meet all your large format printing needs. There are some finishing options to choose from as well – including lamination and mounting. The bottom line is this – if you need very good quality posters yet cheaply priced, we have you covered. Traditionally poster printing has been an expensive proposition for larger sizes and shorter run lengths. While small format printing has always been relatively affordable – for sizes of 12 x 18 and under), large format poster printing meant investing in very expensive and slow printing presses. The advent of the large format digital press, however, made it possible to print shorter runs of larger sizes more cheaply. The highest quality most costly method to print posters has always been inkjet printing. Now, large format laser printing offers a more economical method to achieve large format color posters. Additionally, toner based processes nearly match the quality of the inkjet, but can produce prints at a fraction of the traditional inkjet method.


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