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“Cheap” and “prints” may sound like an oxymoron – and that used to be the case. For decades, if you wanted to produce a print of a piece of artwork or other standard image, it meant that you would pay for that privilege dearly. Traditional medium-run printing technologies meant producing plates from negatives and running thousands of copies. It also meant spending a great deal of money in the process, unfortunately. Well, times have changed in the world of printing. Thanks to cutting edge digital printing technologies, what used to require days or weeks and hundreds or thousands of dollars could be accomplished in just hours for only a few bucks. Cheap poster prints are now possible even in short runs because the dynamics of setup and printing have been forever altered by the digital age. Affordability and flexibility are the names of the game now when it comes to printing posters and other large format prints. In fact, it is now possible to design and print a poster for a fraction of the cost of the same size print of 10 years ago. Fortunately, quality does not have to suffer in the process, either. Most modern digital printing presses can print up to 600 dpi – which is remarkable considering the fact that the human eye can’t distinguish much beyond 200 dpi for any printed image. What this means for the consumer is extremely cheap poster prints virtually on demand. Just because the prints are cheap from a price standpoint, they can also be readily personalized to your individual needs. Thousands of artists and photographers sell their work online to a hungry audience. If they are printed using an inkjet printing press, which can provide “museum quality” results, the artist may charge a premium. However, many sellers are turning to toner based printing technologies that offer a look that is nearly comparable to the inkjet, yet at a fraction of its cost. Regardless, there are many options for quality, price and finish.


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