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18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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Traditionally, large format poster printing has been an expensive proposition, indeed. Due to the cost of printing presses and particularly large format printing equipment, cheap poster printing was once only achieved in volume. Before the age of the digital large format printing press, one had to commit to ordering substantial numbers of posters in order to get the cost per poster down to an affordable level. Once a poster size is larger than 12” x 18” the cost increases dramatically to print unless you can utilize an offset press and print hundreds (or thousands) at one pass. The paperweight choice is also a factor in achieving truly cheap poster printing. Thin 24 lb. paper is often the choice for very temporary applications and uses and is one of the most affordable in most cases. Of course, as you move up the scale of paperweights, the price understandably increases. 80 lb. cover paper stock is a popular option for those looking for more thickness and durability of the poster(s). Also, the number of colors to be printed can be a factor in price. Limiting yourself to just one or two colors can save money in many cases when it comes to cheap poser printing. The bottom line has been until recently, the smaller the size, the lighter the paper and the larger the run - equals the cheaper the poster printing. Again, recent advances in digital printing have turned that model nearly upside down and remarkably without sacrificing notably on the quality of the poster. If you find the right digital printer, you can now order one or two large format posters and pay a unit price only enjoyed previously in bulk ordering.


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