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18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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Fortunately, we live in an age where printing technology can allow us to print cheap custom posters on demand. For decades, poster printing relied on expensive and labor-intensive offset printing (with expensive individual plates being made). The setup costs were typically spread over long runs where thousands of posters would be printed of any given image. Then, enter the digital press. This press was a game-changer in fact. Gone were the days of expensive negatives and costly plates. With the arrival of digital printing presses, came the ability to print cheap custom posters in smaller quantities without sacrificing quality to a large extent. Now, one can upload and order even a single large format poster and have it personalized and customized to their own needs. Whether for the local band, or the professional photographer selling their prints in the art district, cheap posters can get the message out big and bold. Standard sizes range from 16x20 to 36x48 and paper choices range from 20# bond to heavy 100# coated cover. Posters are often tacked up on telephone poles, placed in store windows, or even resold at local events. Some posters have a higher gloss look and feel while others are clearly printed with a matte finish. Some specialized presses can even print on both sides of the poster for added impact, if necessary. The bottom line is this: printing custom posters can be affordable and rewarding. It allows targeted marketing on a visual scale without having to spend a fortune on a huge inventory of prints. So take advantage of short run printing and even on demand printing and design some memorable posters for your personal or business use. You will be happy that you focused your creativity and channeled your vision into a poster. You will even more pleased with the relatively cheap price you paid – even for highly customized printing.


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