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18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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The idea of getting $2 posters (for small quantities) may seem like printing “fantasy” to most when they first hear it – and that is understandable, indeed. However, in 2007 shortrunposters.com launched the nation’s most affordable short run 18x24 custom posters. For the first 4 years, these were $2 posters with no minimum order required whatsoever. They were printed on high quality 80# coated cover paper stock and printed in resolution up to 600 dpi. These $2 posters were game changers, indeed. Typically, ordering just a few posters at that size would cost upwards of $20 each when ordering from local printers. Additionally, lamination was offered at a mere $2 extra per poster – which certainly made it the most affordable lamination per square foot in the country for short runs. Many customers were amazed at he combination of quality and price and asked how it was possible; our answer has always been – we combine high quality printing sold at razor thin margins in large overall volumes. In 2011, we raised the price of the 18x24 to $2.97 which is still a fraction of the nearest competition’s price for short runs. We also introduced a larger poster – the 24x36 – to the repertoire at the same time. Like it’s smaller “cousin”, the 24x36 is also printed on great paper (80# cover) and up to 1200 dpi resolution. Today, we are the leader in low cost and high quality short run poster printing for medium and large formats. We have satisfied over 50,000 customers over the last 4+ years – including photographers, artists and regular folks who just wanted to enlarge a poster without breaking the bank. We look forward to earning your trust and your printing business in the near future.


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