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18 x 24 Posters

18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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Occasionally we need a poster that can be seen from more than a couple feet away. At times, we would like to print something bold – but without spending a ton of money. Printing 18x24 posters is the key. That size is large but not monstrous. Printing posters that are 18 x 24, however, can be a fairly expensive proposition in many cases. The vast majority of printing presses in the US can only print up to 12x18. If you need to print larger than that – it gets much more expensive. For example, Kinkos charges $24 to print 1 color 18x24 poster. The average price nationwide is about $18 according to our research. Shortrunposters.com however, is the exception to the rule. They print very high quality 18x24 posters for just $2.97 each – and with absolutely no minimum order required. These posters are printed on heavy paper and up to very high resolution. You can also add lamination and mounting to the finished posters. Also, there is a flat shipping and handling fee of just $10 for any quantity ordered. So how do you manage to get your 18x24 poster printing through shortrunposters.com? It’s a breeze: just upload your image(s) – select your quantities – add your options and checkout. Leave the rest in our capable hands. It takes 5 business days to print normal orders, while you can pay more to rush the order. All shipping is through UPS ground (again, unless expedited). Shortrunposters recently launched a larger poster - the 24x36 - costing under $16 each. Many have asked how we can sell such quality posters for such low prices and we always explain our philosophy: high quality printing, sold in large volumes at razor thin margins.


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