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18 x 24 Poster Printing

18 x 24 and 24 x 36 poster printing

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Sometimes we need a poster that can be seen from a distance. Occasionally, we would like to print something big – without spending a fortune. 18x24 poster printing is the answer. It’s large but not overwhelming. Printing posters that size, however, can be a fairly expensive endeavor in most cases. The vast majority of printing presses in the country can only print up to 12x18 materials. Once you need to print larger than that – it gets dramatically more expensive. Kinkos charges $24 to print 1 custom 18x24 poster actually. The average price nationwide is about $18 according to our research. Shortrunposters.com however, is the exception to the rule. They print high quality 18x24 posters for less than $3 each – and with no minimum order required whatsoever. These posters are printed on good, thick paper and up to very high resolution. You can even add lamination and mounting to the finished product if you like. Also, there is a reasonable flat shipping and handling fee of just $10 for any quantity ordered. So how do you go about getting your 18x24 poster printing via shortrunposters.com? It’s simple: just upload your image(s) – select your quantities – add your options and checkout. Leave the rest to us. It takes 5 business days to print standard orders, although you can pay a bit extra to rush the printing process. All shipping is done through UPS ground (again, unless expedited). Shortrunposters also has a larger poster available with the 24x36 costing under $16 each.


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